Since 1972

(photo) AmCH/Int'l CH/U-CH/FinCH Jaron's Tham-B Bhai Rah Vahr

Quality Pet Grooming in Far North Dallas


Others may copy our name, not are expertise!

Grooming appointments are strongly reccommended.
For more information about our sevices or to make an appointment,
feel free to give us a call - (972)931-7224

Open from 7:30am - 6pm
Closed Tuesdays and Sunday

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Ardy's For Paws specializing in correct breed clips adapted to the active pet lifestyle
has been serving the far North Dallas area for nearly 40 years.

Just because your pet isn't a show dog, doesn't mean he can't look like one!!!

If being in business since 1972 isn't impressive enough, Ronny Junkins has been the owner,
shop manager and grooming specialist since 1995. For Paws features head groomer Brenda Moore
who has been with the company for over 15 years.
We are now proud to announce Clay Williams (Monogram) as an addition to our staff!!!

Ronny has been a top breeder and exhibitor of Lhasa Apsos for over 25 years
under the kennel name of Jaron's Lhasas. While frequently attending dog shows great attention is made
to changing trends in show breed clips. These changes are reflected in the styles and cuts offered at For Paws.
Though we may not be able to turn a CockaPoo into a "prize winning" Chinese Crested,
we can give your pup a style that will rival those in any local dog park!
Just because a pet is not a show dog doesn't mean they can't look like one!!!

Our prices are based on the time it takes to do a similar size/type dog in normal condition.
Prices for "full groom" include: trimming the nails, cleaning the ears, checking the anal glands,
as well as, the bath and hair cut. Also included is an appropriate amount of scissoring to give your pet
a tidy, finished appearance. Also included upon request a bow or bandana. There are additional charges
for dematting, shaving dogs in severe condition or demeanors not condusive for grooming.
Want to see some of our work? Check out Pet Do's.

Going away for the week end? Why not leave your pet with us?
We provide a safe and comfortable environment for pets under 30 pounds at half of the price of those so called pet retreats.

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