CH T-Ritz Knight’s Armor

                Litterbrother to Ardy’s Truth or Dare (pointed)            

Bred by: J. R. Junkins & D. L. Davis Jr.           

            Whelped:  21. March, 1992



                                                                                                            BIS AmCH/EngCH Orlane’s Intrepid ROM

                                    CH Shangrelu Show Biz                                   Shangrilu Ms Bizzieh Body

                        CH Orlane’s Shot in the Dark ROM                             Saxonsprings Earle

                                    Orlane’s Simplicity of Geodan                           Orlane’s Brandy-Mine

CH Orlane’s Red Knight of T-Ritz ROM

                                    CH Llenroc I’s Josh by Gosh                            BIS CH On-Ba Khabhul Kahn of Sharbo

                        CH Kai-La-Sha Roses are Red                                    Karma Rus-Ti Rosalind

                                    Kai-La-Sha Ka-Ta-Ra                                     Licos Dicha La

                                                                                                            Everglo Chandra

Multiple Group Winning CH T-Ritz Knight’s Armor

                                                                                                            BIS CH Saxonsprings Alamo ROM

                                    CH Ju-Ell’s Pride and Prejudice ROM              CH Orlane’s Golden Girl ROM

                        Juell’s the Write Stuff (major pointed)                           BIS AmCH/EngCH Orlane’s Intrepid ROM

                                    CH Light Up’s Golden Graffiti ROM                Light Up’s Soda’s My Pop

            CH T-Ritz That’s Ardy’s Abigale ROM

                                    CH Orlane’s Prince of Chryslan ROM*            CH Orlane’s Invader of Gebeba

                        CH Chryslan’s Vanity Fair                                            Orlane’s Danielle

                                    Chryslan’s Crème Puff Royale                          Vir-Lyn Mark of the Dragon (major pointed)

                                                                                                            CH Vir-Lyn Talk of the Town