U-CH/AmCH Jaron’s Choctaw Claire Voyant

                Bred by: J. R. Junkins

                        Whelped:  23. April, 2001      



                                                                                                            BIS CH Ruffway Mashaka ROM

                                    CH Samara's Koko Nor of Knolwood             CH Brush's Abbi of Samara ROM                                                       

Vir-lyn Mark of the Dragon(major pointed)                   CH Vir-Lyn the Dragon Song

                                    CH Vir-lyn's Kitty Kitty Kitty                           Fu Kais Moonshadow of Aurora                                                         

CH Vir-lyn Phoenix Rising ROM                                              BIS CH Windsong's Gusto of Innsbrook ROM

                        CH Orlane's Inimitable ROM****                    Yorktown Sassy Satin

            Vir-lyn Prime Time Special                                           CH Orlane's Creme Puff

                        CH Choctaw's Peppermint Stacie                     Mesha Pawnee (ROM elig.)

                                                                                                CH Chryslan’s Vanity Fair

U-CH/AmCH Jaron’s Choctaw Claire Voyant

                                                                                                            BISAmCH/EngCH Orlane’s Intrepid ROM

                                    CH Light Up’s Red Alert ROM*****              Light Up’s Soda’s My Pop

            CH Camelot Royale ROM*                                         Vir-Lyn the Magic Dragon

                                    Chryslan’s Lai Dei Gwenevere ROM                Shing Ling Ding

            CH Ardy’s Frankly Franchesca

                                    CH Orlane’s Integrity                                       CH Orlane’s Inimitable ROM****

                        Ardy’s Make no Mistake (pointed)                               Orlane’s Dah-Li

                                    Ardy’s Truth or Dare (pointed)                         CH Orlane’s Red Knight of T-Ritz ROM

                                                                                                            CH T-Ritz That’s Ardy’s Abigale ROM